Clafer Compiler Command Line Arguments

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The following model describes the command line arguments of the Clafer compiler and dependencies among them.

Some clafers for argument modeling. These types are needed to distinguish arguments and their values from any other clafers used for grouping etc.:

abstract Argument
abstract IntegerArgument ->> integer
abstract StringArgument ->> string
abstract Value
abstract DefaultValue

Actual model of the dependencies among the arguments as implemented in Clafer v0.4.2.

abstract xor ClaferArgs
xor mode : Argument
alloy : DefaultValue
alloy_mapping : Argument ?
json : Value
desugaredClafer : Value
html : Value
self_contained : Argument ?
add_graph : Argument ?
add_comments : Argument ?
show_references : Argument ?
graph : Value
show_references : Argument ?
choco : Value
console_output : Argument ?
flatten_inheritance : Argument ?
timeout_analysis : IntegerArgument ?
mux layout ?
no_layout : Argument
new_layout : Argument
check_duplicates : Argument ?
skip_resolver : Argument ?
keep_unused : Argument ?
no_stats : Argument ?
validate : Argument ?
[ no html ]
[ no graph ]
[ no cvlGraph ]
tooldir : StringArgument := "."
xor scope_strategy : Argument
none : Value
simple : DefaultValue
check_afm : Argument ?
meta_data : Argument ?
help : Argument
version : Argument
numeric_version : Argument

Here are a few examples of using the arguments for different kinds of outputs:

  1. produce Alloy code (default mode)
ca1 : ClaferArgs
[ alloy ]

Command line: clafer <input cfr file>.

  1. produce default Alloy code and validate the output with the Alloy compiler, which will produce parse and type errors that may indicate bugs in the Clafer compiler.
ca2 : ClaferArgs
[ alloy ]
[ tooldir = "~/clafer-tools-0.4.2/tools" ]

Command line: clafer --validate -tooldir="~/clafer-tools-0.4.2/tools" <input cfr file>.

  1. produce Alloy 4.2 compliant code but keep uninstantiated abstract clafers and flatten the inheritance for performance in reasoning

Command line: clafer -m=alloy --keep-unused --flatten-inheritance <input cfr file>.

  1. produce html rendering of the model for inclusion in the wiki page. This is used by the ClaferWiki.
ca4 : ClaferArgs
[ html ]

the option keep_unused is also used.

Command line: clafer -m=html <input cfr file>.

  1. produce a complete html rendering which includes CSS and inserts graph and statistics in place of the #GRAPH and #STATS compiler directives.

Command line: clafer -m=html --self-contained --add-graph --add-comments <input cfr file>.

  1. produce a graph description in DOT (GraphViz) language for a rendering of the model in the Common Variability Language (CVL) notation for variability abstraction.
ca6 : ClaferArgs

Options flatten_inheritance and keep_unused are also used by default in this mode.

Command line: clafer -m=cvlGraph <input cfr file>.