Multi-Objective Optimization in Product Lines using Clafer


Product-line engineering (PLE) is an approach to engineering a family of different products with a shared architecture and common components. Individual product variants are characterized by a selection of features from the feature model of the product family. Some features contribute positively or negatively to the overall quality of a variant. The challenge faced by product-line engineers is discovering which variants are optimal with respect to a set of objectives and what trade-offs have to be made when choosing among the optimal variants.

Figure 1 presents a workflow for multi-objective modeling in product line engineering:

Fig. 1: Multi-Objective Modeling Workflow

The entire workflow is supported by Clafer Tools 0.4.2:

  • In phases Variability Modeling and Measurement, we use Clafer for specifying the feature models, quality attributes, individual feature contributions to quality, and optimization objectives.
  • For web-based editing, we use ClaferIDE.
  • For analyzing the variability space, we use Clafer Configurator.
  • In phase Multi-Objective Optimization, we use ClaferMoo.
  • Finally, in phase Visualization & Exploration, we use ClaferMoo Visualizer.


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