"Traffic Lights" Domain Model Example

Part of Domain-Specific Modeling Theory and Practice Summer School 2014 and Domain-Specific Modeling Theory and Practice Summer School 2017.


Traffic Lights is a domain with a lot of variability across the different jurisdictions around the world. In this wiki, we are gradually building a variability model of this domain using a modeling language

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We explain the modeling language and the supporting tools along the way.

This material is based on Wikipedia Traffic Light and Traffic Light Variations articles. The content is prepared by MichaƂ Antkiewicz , home.

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Part 0: Introduction to Domain Engineering

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Part I: Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis and Modeling

In this part, we look at traffic lights systems around the world and model their system features.

  1. minimal traffic lights
  2. adding variability
  3. grouping choices
  4. complex grouping and nesting
  5. linking the jurisdiction and the system
  6. nested constraints
  7. country specific features

Part II: Domain Concept Modeling

In this part, we focus on modeling domain concepts used in the control software of a traffic lights system.

  1. control software
  2. lamp abstraction
  3. valid states
  4. add the missing constraints
  5. traffic light signals
  6. linking signals and lamps

Part III: Application Configuration

In this part, we focus on configuring a particular deployment of our traffic lights system

  1. application configuration
  2. two traffic lights